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GameBender is now in its testing phase, learn more about our first beta program.

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The only game platform I will let my kids have.
Seth Raphael, Senior Designer of the Future Google
Creativity can lead to power.
Student in Workshop
Simple yet revolutionary. It's like Apple TV meets Scratch meets AR.
Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Lead Research Scientist Snapchat
GameBender opens new possibilities for tinkering with code: play, experiment, modify, remix.
Professor Mitch Resnick, Founder of Scratch Scratch
Finally a learning platform for kids that they actually want!
Sherry Huss, Co-Founder Maker Faire
Brings the magic of coding to kids in a totally new way. It's awesomesauce!
Andrew Sliwinski, Co-Director Scratch
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1,000,000 Games

Explore millions of projects from creators all around the world.
Projects map
Scratch logo

Built on Scratch

Play games made with Scratch, a simple visual coding language originally made at M.I.T.
GameBender Gaming Montage
Games made by everyone
Family Friendly
All kinds of games
GameBender AR Gaming, Augmented Reality, Putting you in the game
Augmented Reality Experience
Put Yourself Into The Game
Add Your Own Sounds

More than games, explore science apps and diy tv shows

SD Card
SD Card

What if you could change the rules?

Bend block text Bend


Change Any Game

Just like Instagram, use filters to change the appearance of games.
Like photoshop, use glitch tools to modify game behavior.
Bend filters menu

A workshop for games

Glitch tools let you edit games attributes, insert objects, cast spells, give super powers, and put yourself into the game. What glitch would you invent?
GameBender - Carl - Before GameBender - Carl - After

Bending is Easy

Filters are one click. Glitches are two steps: choose a tool and choose a character. It takes seconds to learn.

Learn code one glitch at a time.

Code block text Code

Step into coding

Play a card to unleash new glitch powers!
Play a few cards to make your first game.
GameBender - Glitch Card - Jump
GameBender - Dizzy Magic
GameBender - Carl Beam

Social coding

Code while you play with your friends.
Coding with others is more fun.

Code immersion

Immersion is the best way to learn new languages.
Gamebender reveals the code for you to learn.
GameBender - Code Immersion


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We have a dream that everyone is an inventor


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Jay Silver GameBender

We've been making educational tools for more than a decade. From Drawdio to Makey Makey, we have shipped more than 1 million products. We believe everyone is an inventor, and we want to live in a world created by all of us. Makey Makey lets you reinvent the physical world by transforming bananas and pencils into game controllers. Now we want to make it possible to reinvent the digital world.

GameBender is the first game system made by EVERYONE, where you can do ANYTHING to ANY GAME. At MIT I helped create Scratch: a visual drag and drop code language. GameBender lets you play Scratch games and modify them while you play. If you want you can also learn to code by writing your own glitches and making your own games.

Jay Silver
PhD, Inventor